Fire alarms are essential in each and every property, whether they are domestic or commercial.

Fire alarms at home sometimes beep for unknown reasons and it can be annoying, but in the business world an error with your fire system creates more than a disturbance. It could indicate a serious breach of safety for you and your workforce. Keybury Fire and Security, based in Yorkshire, are experts in understanding fire alarm systems, their requirements in the business world and the legalities too. We use this knowledge when it comes to designing, installing and commissioning a system, as well as training personnel and maintaining it, so you can rest assured that your fire safety requirements have been handled by experts who really understand fire alarms.


Understanding the fire alarm system requirements of your business begins at the design stage. The responsible person must choose the grade of the fire alarm system. This should be based on the findings of a fire risk assessment, and therefore should not be left to a buildings contract or architect. Keybury’s qualified designers provide all the fully compliant documentation which will ensure from the outset that everything is present for future inspections that may be required.


Many business owners are happy to use an electrician to install a fire system but if they are not qualified designers then costly mistakes could be made. It is important to choose professionals with the correct approvals from accredited bodies. There are many common faults that can go wrong at this stage and render the entire system inadequate. Cutting corners at this stage can result in a quote that appears cheaper, but in the long run will prove much more costly.


Did you know that the engineer who commissions a fire system must be different the engineer who installed it? This high level of due diligence is necessary in the world of fire safety. The commissioning engineer, to be legally compliant, must have a thorough and technical understanding of the equipment and to understand the design.


Avoid the telltale beeps that mean your fire system is throwing up an error, and your business is at risk. Prevention is much better than cure and fire alarms are too important to take chances with. Having the system regularly serviced is a legal requirement.

Don’t Leave it to Chance: Call in the Experts

Whatever the size and industry of your business, let our qualified specialists take care of your fire system needs so you can relax in the knowledge that everything is fully compliant and safe now and going forward. Keybury are BAFE approved (SP203-1 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems) as well as NSI Gold Approved for Fire Alarm Systems (BS 5839-1). With our fully trained designers, installers, commissioning engineers and service staff, we can ensure that every module of a fire alarm system has the appropriate documentation. Call us today on 01535 661197 to speak to one of our knowledgeable specialists, or fill in the contact form on our website.