With us now living in “the Future” more and more of our devices are becoming automatic and cutting down on those little jobs we have to do – such as changing the clocks each Spring and Autumn.

With most of our phones, laptops, tablets, computers and even watches now being connected to the internet, we no longer need to worry about missing the time change as it is already done for us.

There may still be a few clocks that require the manual touch, such as the microwave or the oven. These tend to be almost too much hassle to bother with – putting the clocks back on your alarm panel does not have to be that difficult.

Our newer models, like most other things, are becoming automatic when it comes to changing the time.  But fear not! If your panel requires a manual adjustment – we have some simple step by step videos and instructions to help you to change the time and date.

Why not visit our customer help page on Facebook for a selection of instructions for various panel types. If you are not on Facebook, you can also find this information on our YouTube channel.

So don’t forget to get your alarm running on the correct time this Sunday as we take a step closer to Winter!