Access Control Systems for schools’ safety and security.

Access control systems prevent unauthorised access to property, and are a popular safeguarding system for primary schools, secondary schools and colleges. As anyone in education will know, there is no “one size fits all” solutions so we offer individual plans for security systems based on the school’s needs. There range of available systems is huge, from simple one door systems to fully integrated network access control with video intercom and everything in between.

Access control systems keep people within specific areas, and prevent unauthorised access beyond certain points. This could be a staff room, a resource store or a server room. Some schools separate into bases and access between those zones is restricted. For educational institutions with multiple buildings or sites these can be integrated to work together.

Other schools may simply wish to use an an intercom system to restrict visitor access. A system can prevent access into the main school building with a call button to speak directly with the school office. This works either by containing a visitor within a secure lobby area. Alternatively, this can be fitted externally only allowing access to approved visitors. An audio or video intercom connects anyone arriving to the school office.

These systems can be integrated with the fire alarm system for auto release and offer fail safe options for a requirement to unlock in other emergency situations.

Many schools have had access control systems in place for several years and could benefit from an update to their system. Whether its a completely new system, or adding to your existing system, contact us for a quotation on 0800 458 7486. Our skilled team have decades of experience in the security industry and will design a system to meet your requirements.