We have been noticing a number of non Keybury customers enquiring recently about heat affecting alarm systems.  Non maintained, poorly designed systems tend to be more vulnerable to false alarms due to extreme high or low temperatures.

Lower quality PIRs do not block white light, for instance strong sunlight, leading to less reliability.

However, even high quality PIRs in some rooms, such as conservatories, may still struggle. This is why having a well designed alarm system is important.

A Conservatory is an example of a room that can reach much warmer temperatures in summer and much lower temperatures in winter.  In this case, our surveyor would recommend using a Dualtech sensor.  

A Dualtech sensor uses both infrared and microwave detection.  As both movement detection and heat detection are required to be detected then the alarm will not activate unless both movement and heat are detected.  This makes the sensor much more reliable as the temperature change alone will not cause an activation.

If you have a system that gives false-alarms then contact Keybury today to and arrange a free health check for your alarm.  Call today on 01535 66 11 97 or visit our contact page.