Back to School – Don’t let Security Fade with the Summer

It’s back to the daily routine now we’re into September, the kids are back to school and the longer evenings are already creeping in!


With many homes being left empty again through the day it’s the perfect time to review your security system.  There are some great new products available to make your home security even more reliable and easy to use.

Video and app technology can now make it possible for you to check visitors at your door without having to be at home.  You could even speak to them through a speaker to give the illusion that you are inside, or simply tell the delivery driver where is best to leave your parcel.

CCTV camera systems are becoming ever popular on domestic properties, with systems available to suit various budgets.  Not only do the cameras act as a physical deterrent to would-be burglars, apps are now available to let you view your cameras live from anywhere in the world via broadband internet-connection.  With useful features providing you with notifications, this app can be used on smartphones, tablets and laptops to allow you to check your home from work or further afield.

It’s not only CCTV that can be connected to your smartphone – we now offer an app to connect your burglar alarm system too!  This clever app allows you to set and unset your home alarm system remotely and can let you know when it has been unset with a notification.  As well as that added peace of mind that you haven’t forgotten to set the alarm on your way out, you can also see when the teenagers have arrived in from school!

Even if apps are not your thing it is still important to ensure your alarm system is in working order and regularly maintained to keep your system reliable.  A regularly maintained, insurance approved burglar alarm system could also help you save money on your home insurance.

For more information on maintaining or updating your home security, call our office today on 01535 66 11 97 or fill in the form on our contact page.  You can also read more about the products we offer right here on our website!