CCTV with Body Temperature Detection System

  Our CCTV systems provide solutions to keep your business safe. That includes helping to keep you safe in the new normal. CCTV is helping businesses in several ways: It can track who is on your premises and for how long, including logging many people are on site. Security cameras can also monitor social distancing amongst those on site and allow businesses to manage their workforce remotely, which reduces the need for in person contact. CCTV with body temperature detection system is one solution many businesses are opting for as they are much quicker and more efficient than checking individual temperatures. Body temperature detecting camera systems can simultaneously screen multiple people, giving body temperature readings much quicker than manual screening. This makes the system ideal for monitoring body temperatures at the entrance to your business or event.

body temperature detection system

How accurate is the body temperature detection system?

How accurate is the body temperature detection system? The answer is incredibly. The systems have a temperature range of 30 – 45 degrees C and measure body temperature within 0.5 degrees C. The accuracy of static thermographic cameras can be further increased from within 0.5 degree C to within 0.3 degrees C by combining with a body temperature calibrating system.

A functional body temperature screening solution

High resolution cameras featuring both optical channel and thermal channel with high sensitivity sensors include a reliable temperature alarm function.  A monitoring tablet compliments this system, with live view, people counting and abnormal temperature alarm. This offers contactless body temperature monitoring, which removes the need for in person measurements. Every business could benefit from this system. Schools and colleges can quickly identify students and staff with temperature anomalies and help to stop the spread of the virus. Care homes and surgeries can monitor staff and patients as well as essential visitors as they arrive on the premises.  This system is also a brilliant tool for hospitality industry as restaurants, pubs and venues who can measure several temperatures at once and provide a better experience for their clients.

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