Last month, ITV aired a series specifically looking at domestic CCTV across the UK, “CCTV: Neighbourhood Watching”. This programme looked at the reasons people install surveillance systems and the benefits they have.

With camera systems becoming more affordable, thousands are turning to CCTV in their homes for their own personal use and protection. Among reasons the residents featured use their systems varied from visual deterrents, protection and security of cars and property and even personal protection from harassment.

This CCTV footage has also helped them provide police with additional evidence in order to solve incidents which have occurred.

Not only were examples of criminal activity exposed, but also cases of poor service by delivery companies.

It is estimated that Britain has 6 million CCTV cameras in operation, with the program citing the statistic, “you are 5 times less likely to get burgled with cameras in place.”

Keybury have seen a significant increase in CCTV system installations for residential properties over the last 18 months, and have many solutions available to help you protect your home and business. We can even offer remote viewing options which allows live surveillance of properties from anywhere in the world via a broadband internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or computer.

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