A common question at this time of year is, “Do Christmas decorations set off intruder alarms?”  Yes they can, however there are many ways to avoid this happening and reducing the chances of your alarm system activating unnecessarily. 

Both intruder alarms and fire alarms can be affected by Christmas decorations, so keep these tips in mind for both your home and workplace to avoid false alarm disturbances over the festive period.  Those with police monitored alarm systems should take particular caution as multiple false alarms can cause the suspension of the police service.

Hanging decorations can move if they are above a heat source, such as a radiator, or if a breeze were to enter through an open window or door.  A good tip to stop this movement activating motion sensors is to avoid hanging paper or foil decorations near to radiators or wood burners.  This is also important to remember in terms of fire safety as these decorations are at the highest risk of being flammable.

Christmas cards and paper decorations should also be kept away from lights and candles as this could also cause a fire if left unattended.  Candles should be extinguished before leaving a room and fire guards put in place on open fires.

Christmas trees, both real and artificial, can also be a fire risk if not correctly maintained.  Ensure artificial trees are fire safety approved and that real trees are regularly watered to avoid drying out.

Take extra care when securing decorations to avoid any falling and setting off motion sensors of your alarm.  Avoid putting any decorations near to alarm sensors as these will be most likely to cause a false activation.

Do not let these false activation risks discourage you from setting your alarm over Christmas and New Year.  If after taking these precautions a false activation does still occur, with a remote app for your alarm system or remote viewing of your CCTV cameras it is possible to check on your property right from your smartphone without having to attend in person.

To reduce false activations it is also important to have your alarm system regularly serviced and in good working order.  To discuss maintaining or updating your alarm system, contact our team today on 01535 66 11 97 or through our contact form for more information and a quotation.