In 1982, when Keybury was founded, alarm systems were very different indeed.  They were easier to defeat, had big and ugly equipment, lacked intelligence, were cumbersome to use and were much more prone to false alarms.  Taking inflation into account alarms were more expensive and typically only the more affluent property owners had one.

In the ensuing years the equipment became smaller and much more aesthetically pleasing, development in technology brought more dependable and more secure equipment.  Systems became easier to use (using proximity tags for setting – no codes to remember).

Affordability saw systems installed in all types of dwelling and what the alarm did when activated began to change too.  Systems easily call the police, security companies, or just friends,family and neighbours.  Now we have seen internet and app integration with push notifications and the ability to set your alarm from your phone.

There is a steady curve upwards of technology development with home control integration being the latest change on the horizon.  However current systems are already smart so future upgrades are likely to be just software updates.  So getting a system today is probably the most future-proofed system that has ever been available.

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