What and who do we cover? Good Question! 

Fire & Security Questions, Expertly Answered!  Keybury Provides systems in both Domestic and Commercial properties, delivering expertise with personal service to across fire and security.

  • * Intruder Alarms
  • * Access Control
  • * CCTV
  • * Fire Alarms
  • * Fire Risk Assessments

YOU have a question? WE have the answer!

What do we do?

  • * Provide you with options
  • * LISTEN to your requirements
  • * Give expert advise
  • * Take over and maintain yourcurrent system

What are the benefits of a Keybury System?

  • 1. Peace of mind knowing if you have a problem you can count on us
  • 2.Interactive systems providing Smart phone and IPAD integration
    •         * Remote viewing
    •         * Push notifications
    •         * Remotely set/unset your alarm system
  • 3. Monitored Systems
    •         * Keyholder contact
    •         * Police Response
  • 4. Pet Sensors
    •         * Zoned areas where sensors sense the animal preventing a false alarm

For more information about our fire and security systems, please contact us.

Home Security Questions, Expertly Answered!

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