5 things Home CCTV systems can do to improve your day

Home CCTV systems are excellent for home security. BUT they can do so much more for you! Indeed many of our customers have told us heartwarming stories of how CCTV has helped them during lockdown. Here’s 3 things home CCTV systems can do to improve your day:

1. Keep you safe

The primary reason most people install cameras at home is for safety and security. The police recommend you install home cctv cameras. Neighbourhood watch advises home owners to use security cameras. Home insurers reports show that CCTV cameras reduce crime.  Some questions whether home security cameras merely record crime, but time after time they are proven to work. Many criminals will simply move along when they spot decent CCTV in place. Experienced criminals know the difference between dummy cameras, the ones you ordered online and sort of work, and the real deal.

home cctv

2. Find your post

CCTV with remote viewing, notifications, realtime viewing and playback. This means that when you receive that “DELIVERED” notification, you can check right away on your cameras. Track and locate that parcel. Is it on the doorstep or has it been launched over your fence?

3. See your furry friends

Anyone who has returned to work after lockdown will know that our pets miss us. And we miss them! Indoor and outdoor cameras can be used to check in on your furry friends. This is particularly useful at the moment with dog thefts at such high levels.

home cctv systems

4. Answer the door

You’ve just settled down for an evening of Netflix and chill, or you’re midway through dinner, you’re in the garden or you’re finally clearing out the attic. Why does the doorbell always ring at these inopportune moments? Doorbell cameras aren’t new but some of the better known brands have come under fire for security issues. Others have actually been labelled a fire risk after self installation went very wrong for some unlucky homeowners. Fortunately a reliable alternative is available for installation by professionals (that’s us!). These doorbell cameras take social distancing to a whole new level and allow you to accept deliveries from the comfort of your sofa. They make a great add on to your CCTV installation.

5. Make you chuckle

Who hasn’t caught some funny footage on their home CCTV systems? We bought a new sofa and had a real chuckle brothers moment getting it out of the van “to me… to you…” I could barely hold onto the sofa I was laughing so much. When we watched the footage back, it was even funnier! Share your funny footage stories with us on our social media pages.

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