For people who want a house alarm system --- but don't know where to start

House Alarm System

How much would you be willing to pay for the latest 4K smart TV?

How much would you be willing to pay for an alarm system to protect it?

Imagine having an alarm that cost less than your TV – maybe you don’t have to imagine.
Many people think the choice is between cheap / DIY and a professionally installed house alarm system, but it isn’t. Use our online calculator to find out how much a system for your house will be – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

So, I can afford an alarm but can I afford servicing?

That would be .. Yes!

For a house alarm to be effective it needs to be false-alarm free which means it needs to be well maintained. We offer app cloud-services, 24 hour call-out and yearly servicing all for a small monthly fee. Checkout the online calculator to see just how affordable it is.

Do you want your decorations damaging?

No ... Thought not!

Neither do we. Wireless alarms need no cables to be run. So, no lifting carpets, no lifting floorboards, no plastic trunking and no channelling plasterwork. A wireless house alarm system is installed in hours not days. They’re reliable easy to use and can send alerts to your smartphone.

Don’t get burgled waiting a few weeks to save the money.

Pay by card if it helps.

If your minds made up and you want to act now remember we take all major credit cards and even PayPal. Maintenance and app services can be paid by standing order so you can have piece-of-mind easier and faster than you thought. You’re less likely to become a victim of burglary if you have a well-fitted and maintained burglar alarm system, according to a ‘Which Magazine’ survey of 100 ex-burglars. Use our simple form to contact us now.

  • More affordable than you think
  • Servicing, apps and 24 hour cover - small monthly fee
  • No damage to decorations
  • All major credit cards accepted

Home security

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