Keybury have been protecting local businesses for over four decades. We’ve seen our fair share of mistakes business owners make when it comes to security. As local industry experts, we help our customers avoid these pitfalls.

Top 5 intruder alarm mistakes business owners make

Here are 5 common mistakes that business owners make with their intruder alarm systems:

Not conducting regular maintenance checks

Do you carry out regular maintenance checks on your intruder alarm? Alarm systems require regular maintenance to ensure they are functioning properly. Neglecting this can result in false alarms or a system that fails when it is really needed. You can book your routine service with Keybury now – even if we didn’t orignally install your system.

Not having a backup power source

Power outages can render an alarm system useless. Having a backup power source such as a battery can prevent this from happening. If your alarm system has been installed without a back up battery, this was your installer cutting corners, and is indicative of the standard of system and workmanship of your installer. A back up battery is crucial for your system. Your maintenance provider should check the battery levels on each service and replace when required.

Not training staff on how to use the system

Employees should be trained on how to arm and disarm the system, as well as what to do in the event of a break-in or false alarm. Staff who do not know how to use the system properly can cause false alarms. In the case of a monitored system, this can even lead to the business losing their monitoring. It’s crucial to make sure there is always a named keyholder on hand to speak to your intruder alarm company and monitoring provider in the event of an activation.

Not updating the system as technology advances

Older alarm systems may not have the latest features or technology to adequately protect the business. It is important to keep up with advancements and upgrade the system as needed.

Not having a monitoring service

Without a monitoring service, alarms may go unnoticed and the police may not be notified in a timely manner. A monitoring service can provide an extra layer of protection and peace of mind. It’s crucial to ensure your intruder alarm installer is providing you with the level of monitoring specified by your insurance company. If not, your insurance could be invalid.

How Business Owners can avoid these mistakes

Keybury are an NSI Gold approved intruder alarm installer. We are insurance approved and police compliant. Our team have over four decades of experience designing, installing and maintaining systems. You can by confident that we’ll help you avoid these pitfalls.

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