You’ve just moved house. Congratulations! Boxes everywhere; find the kettle, take away for supper.

Once you’ve found the bedding and unwrapped the plates, and started top settle in a bit, you might start to look at how things work around the home… How do you adjust the thermostat? And how do you get the shower to something between boiling hot and freezing cold? How does the house alarm work?

I’m afraid you’re on your own with the shower, but we can certainly help with the house alarm!

If you’ve just moved into a house with a security system, here’s what you need to do.

Moved house: deciphering codes

For a new occupier navigating systems in a new home can be like trying to decipher a secret code. Fingers crossed the previous occupier will have left you instructions. Older alarm systems usually set and unset with a code. If the previous occupier hasn’t left you the code, then it’s best to ask an alarm company for help to reset the system and programme in your own personal code. Newer systems often use a setting tag or fob. Again, these would normally be left for the new householder. It’s always possible to order new setting tags as replacements or extras. It’s work asking an alarm company to check the system settings and remove any missing or old setting tags.

Settings to suit

Alarm systems are usually set up to suit the home owner. This means that certain rooms will be included when the alarm is set during the day or night. If you are using the rooms in a different way to the previous owner, you may want to reconfigure the system to suit your lifestyle. Pet friendly sensors may need to be added if you have a four legged room mate.

Updating the system

An older system may need updating. If you’ve moved into a fixer upper, and will be carrying out alterations, the security system will likely need a rethink. There are many ways to update your home security system; old rusty bell boxes can be replaces with new style backlit bell boxes which highlight your security. Old style alarms can be upgraded to smart systems which offer app control and monitoring options.

At Keybury, we can service, repair and upgrade an existing alarm system, even if we didn’t originally install it. Get in touch to discuss your options: 01535 661197