Anyone can dish out advice, the trick is knowing which is trustworthy. Some local fire services have warned against dangerous advice circulating on platforms such as tik tok. There are many videos offering top tips on keeping warm this winter, but some of the advice is seriously questionable.

People are in search of ways to keep warm as fuel prices rise and the cost of living crisis bites this winter. There are thousands of posts on social media sites offering tips and hacks to keep warm without the big bills. However some of these come with big risks.

The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) have launched a new campaign this winter called “Stay Fire Safe” in response to this. One of the main elements of the campaign is to help people find reliable sources of help and information, rather than just following the latest trend or viral video.

The NFCC are encouraging people to take simple steps to reduce the risks of accidental fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

“We absolutely acknowledge that many may be doing things differently as they face difficult decisions as the weather changes. We hope our new campaign will help to highlight the dangers, offer simple solutions and help keep loved ones safer in their homes.”


It’s advisable to use trusted reliable sources for advice, such as your local fire service. Anyone can upload a video to a social media platform. If you see anything sharing dangerous advice, it’s a good idea to use the platform’s reporting procedures to help protect other users.