The cost of living crisis is dominating the headlines and causing concern across the country. Prices everywhere seem to have shot up. Interest rates are following the same trend and things look set to continue in this vain. It is a worry for everyone.

To add to this, there is a lot of talk about crime levels getting in on this latest trend and rising along with the everything else. So why are people suggesting that crime will go up? How does the cost of living crisis affect crime?

“the cost of living crisis will result in a crime spike.”

Tom McNeil, who is the West Midlands Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner

How does the cost of living affect crime?

The spiralling cost of living drives people to desperation. In some cases, people will steal high value goods in order to make a profit.

Scarcity drives demand and cost up so it’s unsurprising that we are hearing of theft of Yorkshire stone, certain vehicle types and catalytic converters.

I think whenever you see an increase in the cost of living or whenever you see more people dropping into poverty, I think you’ll invariably see a rise in crime,

A Cooke, Chief Inspector of the Constabulary

So far this year, increases in fuel theft and shoplifting have been reported, and many people are concerned that this will continue. One report found that 89% of respondents believe the increase in the cost of living will drive crime rates higher still.

This concern has been backed up by those in the know about crime. Several high ranking police officers have taken to the press to dish out warnings about the impending increase in crime. Three PCCs have spoken out including Humberside PCC Evison, who has warned that some types of crime could rise as the rising cost of living leads to desperation. His colleague West Midlands PCC Foster claimed crime might be an attractive and viable option for some and Suffolk PCC Passmore said “there is a link between higher levels of deprivation and hardship and increased incidences of crime”.

Food insecurity and crime

The Rural crime report suggested that rustling is on the increase as organised criminals look to make a profit – even stealing farm animals as the cost of food increases. The BBC reported that famers were resorting to painting their sheep’s horns in an attempt to thwart criminals. They suggested that increasing food prices might make farm animal thefts even more common.

London’s Mayor has also made comment on this. “Relationships between food insecurity and crime are also key, with seven of the boroughs with the largest increase in demand for food parcels also in the top 10 for serious violence.”

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