Retail Crime: Facts figures and recommendations

Author: Christine Bell July 31, 2023 In Security
Convenience stores including the Coop have highlighted the retail crime their stores are experiencing. Coop say they’ve had 1000 incidents per day across their stores over the last few months. This is a 35% increase on last year’s figures. They’re […]

New Fire Safety Guidance for Responsible Persons

Author: Christine Bell July 24, 2023 In Fire
New fire safety guidance has been issued by the government this month. This guidance provides an explanation as to what responsible persons must do to prepare for changes made to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 through the Building […]

Twenty Two Home Security Tips for Summer

Author: Christine Bell July 17, 2023 In Security
Want some home security tips for summer? Aviva reported a 48% increase in UK home theft claims when people have been on holiday between July and September. So we’ve gone all out with a huge list of twenty two things […]

Six reasons to have CCTV installed at home

Author: Christine Bell July 10, 2023 In Security
Installing CCTV at home can provide several benefits. From convenience of receiving parcels and deliveries to the peace of mind that comes with having a secure home. Here are six reasons to have CCTV installed at home. CCTV at home […]

5 mistakes business owners make with their intruder alarm systems

Author: Christine Bell July 3, 2023 In Security
Keybury have been protecting local businesses for over four decades. We’ve seen our fair share of mistakes business owners make when it comes to security. As local industry experts, we help our customers avoid these pitfalls. Top 5 intruder alarm […]

Access Control

Author: Christine Bell June 26, 2023 In Security
How do you control who has access to your building? Access control systems secure your building whilst allowing seamless access to authorised people. Access Control : Hear from the experts There are a variety of solutions available. Each has different […]

What type of fire alarm does my business need?

Author: Christine Bell June 9, 2023 In Fire
There are different types of fire alarm, as well as different grades and categories. Here’s a break down for business owners and site managers looking to ensure you’re providing your premises with the right type of fire alarm for your […]

Security Cameras for Home: One family’s experience

Author: Christine Bell June 1, 2023 In Security
CCTV Cameras are one of the best deterrents for burglars and criminals, so it’s no wonder so many people choose security cameras for home security improvements. One family shared their experience with us. When people see CCTV cameras outside your […]

Should you close curtains when going on holiday?

Author: Christine Bell May 24, 2023 In Security
Do you close your curtains when you’re going on holiday? It’s fascinating to hear about the things people try to protect their homes when they’re going away on holiday. From wedging wood into patio doorways, leaving the radio playing or […]

Installing a home alarm is self care

Author: Christine Bell May 19, 2023 In Security
Installing a home alarm is self care. Self care is the practice of taking an active role in protecting your own well-being. Taking time to look after your own well being cannot be emphasised enough. Social media and news reports […]