“We Don’t Set The House Alarm Because We Have A Dog.” – And 16 Other Excuses That Are Putting Your Home Security At Risk.

Author: Christine Bell November 29, 2020 In Security
We’ve been in the home security business for just shy of 39 years now. And we still can’t believe it when someone says “Oh I don’t set the house alarm…”. People blame the kids, the dog and even spiders. We’ve […]

Fever Screening Solutions

Author: Christine Bell November 24, 2020 In Security
Fever screening solutions Fever screening solutions keep your business working safely. 2020 has brought out the best in innovators across all technologies. There are now solutions to problems which didn’t exist 12 months ago. Mask detection cameras offer an automated […]

Bee friendly project

Author: Christine Bell November 20, 2020 In Company
Bee friendly projectWe’re very excited that one of the roundabouts that we sponsor is undergoing a bee friendly make over. The road improvements at Hard Ings in Keighley are finished, but work on the roundabout is just beginning. Airedale Beekeepers […]

My business is temporarily closed due to the lockdown. Do I still need to have my fire alarm service visit?

Author: Christine Bell November 16, 2020 In Security
Has your business been temporarily closed due to the second national lockdown? If so, you’re probably juggling a lot of things right now. Whether you’re managing furlough or taking your business online, it could be easy to forget the routine […]

When Do Most Burglaries Occur?

Author: Christine Bell November 9, 2020 In Security
When do most burglaries occur?Burglaries occur at all times of the day and night and throughout the year. But did you know that burglaries are more likely to take place at some times of the year, and certain times of […]

Looking After Local Businesses In Lockdown 2.0

Author: Christine Bell November 2, 2020 In Security
Looking after Local Businesses We’re looking after local businesses in lockdown 2.0. Our range of systems for business protection solutions include fire alarms, monitored alarms, CCTV and even queue management. Businesses across the country are working overtime this week. Whether […]

Security System for Business

Author: Christine Bell October 30, 2020 In Security
Security system for businessWe’re all working hard to protect our businesses right now. We have to consider the COVID risks to our staff and customers on top of all the usual risks. What we really don’t need is vandalism and […]

What is a smart security system?

Author: Christine Bell October 28, 2020 In Security
What is a Smart Security System? A smart security system seamlessly integrates your home security or business security system into your everyday life. It connects your security with your personal devices such as smart phones using home networks and wireless […]

Monitored Alarm System

Author: Dave Lalor October 21, 2020 In Company
Monitored Alarm System What is a monitored alarm system? The short answer is: an alarm which calls for back up! The way it calls for back up and who it calls is up to you and your individual requirements. Perhaps […]

Mask Detection Solution

Author: Dave Lalor October 14, 2020 In Company
Mask Detection Solution CCTV has provided solutions to many of the barriers we have faced in 2020, both at home and at work. Home CCTV systems have provided peace of mind for families caring for older relatives and allow people […]
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