notifications with perimeter security

More than just CCTV

Keybury’s perimeter security is a brilliant addition to CCTV. These systems are a hybrid of CCTV and intruder alarms. They bring the best of both worlds to protect your property and your family. Keybury’ security notifications are even compatible with smart watches such as the apple watch. Imagine receiving a notification to your phone or tablet the minute someone sets foot on your property.  


Real time alerts = real time actionCCTV to protect your car

CCTV is used to view a crime and discover what happened. Good quality CCTV provides evidence that can be used to catch those responsible and bring them to justice. Some people find it frustrating that they can only watch a crime happen retrospectively. Imagine if your CCTV could alert you in time to take action?    

cctv at the doorKnock Knock, who’s there…?

Have you ever answered the door and wished you’d just ignored the knocking? You may have seen news reports or posts on social media about unsuspecting people who have answered their door to unwanted visitors with terrifying consequences. Doorbell cameras work well when someone is on the doorstep. Perimeter security triggers an alert much sooner so you could be alerted as soon as someone walks up the garden path. This gives you have more time to take action.  

perimeter security boundariesCrossing the line

An alert is sent to your phone or tablet whenever the agreed perimeter is crossed. We can program several devices to receive these notifications. These alerts can be sent to tablets such as iPads, both apple and android phones and even smart watches. It is quick and easy to move between alerts and images by combining external CCTV & perimeter security within one app. This means that homeowners can quickly see whether the person on their garden path is friend or foe.    

keybury phone app

Beyond perimeter security

Keybury’s home security app keeps your CCTV together with other security measures in one place. Our app can be tailored to suit your individual needs. The app bring you peace of mind whether you have elderly or vulnerable relatives, whether you’r a pet owner or a parent. Notifications can let you know that your teenager has arrived home safely from school. You can even combine smoke and carbon monoxide detectors into the system. Several systems can be viewed within one app which is useful for anyone wishing to view both business and home CCTV.  

perimeter alerts

Tailored alerts

Perimeter security could be triggered by someone walking across your driveway, garden path or car park. We have noticed that cats and hedgehogs are not very respectful of boundaries but this isn’t an issue. Our perimeter security can be calibrated to ignore wildlife to prevent an avalanche of unnecessary notifications.      

Cameras with perimeter security

New or updated systems

Keybury can add perimeter security to your existing CCTV system. Alternatively, we can install a completely new CCTV & perimeter security system at your home or business. Our security surveys are free of charge and our friendly, knowledgeable surveyors always listen to your requirements and design a system tailored to you. Get CCTV with perimeter security – book a free survey today