When it comes to rural security the police recommend CCTV on your TV box.

In recent years CCTV cameras installed in homes and domestic properties have become more common and more affordable.  It has been shown that even the presence of CCTV cameras can be a deterrent for would-be-criminals, along with burglar alarm systems and secure door and window locks.


Also in the news in the past few months are reports that police resources are being stretched further and burglary crime statistics indicate there are still a significant number incidents which go unsolved.

This week ITV published an article featuring an interview with a police Chief Inspector concerning burglaries in rural parts of the country:

He advocated home CCTV systems to help protect homes, particularly in rural areas, as this proof of catching criminals in the act provides a better evidence for police to work from.  He even suggests that the lack of cameras in rural areas is making solving crimes more difficult.

” You’ve got to think about your home security in a rural area a little bit differently from in a town and CCTV if it’s affordable for you for your family can be a really good option.”


Keybury offer a range of CCTV systems to suit homes of all sizes.  Our surveyors can talk through your specific requirements and provide free, no-obligation custom quotations to best suit your property and budget.  For more information on a home CCTV system, why not read more about the benefits on our website, or contact our office to book a survey.

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