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What Security Apps Are Available And What Can They Do?


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Security apps are revolutionising the way we secure our property, with security systems that can be monitored with real-time app notifications. Security apps allow you to control your home security whilst you’re on the go. Apps are available for both CCTV and intruder alarm.

What can you see?

A CCTV app allows you to view live CCTV and playback recorded images from your security cameras. These apps are available for tablets and iPhones and are compatible with both iPhone and android devices. There are CCTV systems available which can send notifications of movement within an area. This immediately alerts the owner to a possible problem in the area.  

Receive a notification

Some CCTV systems offer notifications that alert you when someone crosses a boundary. This is a versatile tool because it gives the user real time notifications of people on their property. It could be to alert you that a delivery has arrived or that your teenager has arrived home from school. It could be that a potential intruder is approaching your property. The system can be programmed to alert you to a person but let smaller object ( like cats or hedgehogs) go by without sending you a notification.  

Alerting you in a new way…

Intruder alarms can be remotely monitored with security apps which can send notifications to a mobile device. An intruder alarm app can also be used to remotely set and unset an alarm.  These security apps can be used to control the security within a building; this includes the option to isolate specific areas or view where an activation originated. If you have a friend sleeping on the couch, you can temporarily switch that sensor off. The app can be programmed to notify you of specific users setting or unsetting the system. Such notifications tell you that your dog walker has left, or that your teenager is home safely.  

Monitoring options to suit you

Security apps can be combined with other monitoring, including Keyholder or police response. Key holder monitoring is where the alarm alerts a receiving centre who contact you or a keyholder by telephone to alert you. Police monitored systems notify the police who would attend the site in the event of an activation. Only approved security companies can provide this type of monitoring, so look out for SSAIB or NSI approved companies.  

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