CCTV Cameras are one of the best deterrents for burglars and criminals, so it’s no wonder so many people choose security cameras for home security improvements. One family shared their experience with us.

When people see CCTV cameras outside your house… hopefully it’ll deter them and they won’t try us.

Jo – Keybury customer

Security Cameras for Home: One family’s experience

We’re at Jo’s house in Yorkshire. It’s a busy morning with her younger kids heading off to school and her cute dog making sure she says hello to everyone. Jo described herself as a ‘crazy mum with a very busy household’. We’re here to install Jo’s new CCTV system after she contacted Keybury to boost her home security. Jo was already a Keybury customer, having had a Keybury alarm installed here and in her previous house.

Jo sat down with us to explain why she wanted Keybury to install security cameras for home. There have been reports in local press and on social media about burglaries and attempted burglaries in the area. Jo was concerned and wanted to protect her home from the threat of a break in. She contacted Keybury and organised for a free survey appointment.

Our surveyor, Matt met with Jo and her husband. They looked at the options available and we provided them with a quote to install their CCTV cameras at home.

After the installation was complete, Jo told us how much safer she felt, having peace of mind that the cameras were protecting her home.

It just gives us that peace of mind that we know that it’s there and we can access it whenever we need to

Jo – Keybury customer

Jo told us that being able to view the CCTV on her secure remote viewing app is her favourite feature of the new security camera system.

Would you’d like to get the peace of mind that comes with security cameras for home? Would you like the reassurance that a Keybury security system brings? Book your free survey appointment today. You can do this online or bay calling our helpful team on 01535 661197