Having something stolen from your garden shed is pretty rubbish. Everyone keeps such a variety of things in there these days. So it’s no surprise they’re such a hot target for thieves. Summer is just around the corner so we’re all dusting off our garden tools and rediscovering everything we forgot that we keep in the garden shed. Sadly, the thieves are also keen to discover what

1 Cover the windows

If your shed has windows, try to make sure any high value items aren’t visible through a window, and are locked up within the shed. You can also obscure the windows either by boarding them up for extra security or adding translucent or reflective film.

2 Perfect Garden Shed Placement

More than one in six people have had their shed burgled, according to compare the market. A shed is tempting for opportunist thieves. The best location for a shed is in a secure back yard or back garden, where it won’t be easily spotted, and close to the house so you’re more likely to hear anyone trying to break in.

3 Lock Upgrade

Upgrade your locks. Replace the small screws that came with your standard shed locking mechanism. Carriage bolts can’t be so easily removed, and a hasp and staple style closing covers the screws when closed. A strong padlock is needed to keep this in place.

4 Lock up the kit AND then lock up the shed.

11% of stolen bikes were taken from a shed – and only 1 in 3 people lock their bike up when stored at home. It goes without saying to secure the shed itself, you can go one step further. If you’re storing high value items, ensure they are individually locked up and secured within the shed.

5 Garden Shed Security System

Link your shed to your home alarm system, and ensure your CCTV system covers the garden. Visible security systems are a deterrent the thieves. Your shed alarm could be set up to be armed even when the rest of the system is unset, for example when you’re watching TV in the evening.

6 Shh!(ed)

Take care over social posts. Now the sunny days are (finally) here there will be a lot of pictures on socials of people sharing their beautiful “view from my office” photos, working from highly equipped garden offices. Others will be throwing open the doors on their garden entertainment spaces, firing up the BBQ and stocking up the garden bar. Or maybe posting a photo of the new lawn mower, or sharing the route of a sunny weekend cycle ride. All of which are idyllic and enviable – and advertising what you’ve got in your garden – maybe even with a route to exactly where you live.

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