A recent Telegraph & Argus news story highlights the importance of securing your property as police warn Baildon and Shipley residents to lock sheds and garages.

This comes after a spate of raids where tools have been taken and used to break into homes.  Patio doors appear to be a main target in these incidents, so ensure all doors and windows are locked and your alarm is set.

The article also highlights the importance of keeping your car keys out of view and away from windows and doors to prevent cars also being stolen.

Summer months tend to see an increase in burglaries as more people leave their homes vacant and shed or garages may be left unlocked due to more time being spent in the garden.

Keybury offer solutions to these security fears.  Why not extend your home alarm system to cover your garage or shed?  Wireless alarms can be installed in outbuildings near your property.

CCTV cameras are also a great way to keep an eye on your property even when you are away.  CCTV viewable on your smartphone or tablet can be set up to alert you when movement is detected in chosen areas of your home.

Our newest product, the Home Control + app, is yet another way to give you peace of mind as you can ensure your alarm is set straight from your smartphone.  Notifications can also be set up to inform you of an activation or when the alarm has been unset.

For more information on how we can help improve your security, give us a call on 01535 66 11 97 or send us an enquiry through our contact page.