What does NSI Gold mean?

Keybury are NSI Gold approved. We’ve never settled for second best so at the risk of sounding like a well known advert, we’re not just NSI approved; we’re NSI GOLD approved. Why do we mention our GOLD approval so often? Well, in truth, it’s because we’re really proud to uphold such incredibly high standards.

NSI Gold indicates the standard of service a customer can expect and competency of staff. Not just high quality engineering – that’s a given – but industry knowledge including an understanding of insurance requirements, technical knowledge of monitoring grades and of course police standards. This enables us as an NSI Gold approved company to provide expert advice for customers in all security requirements.

NSI offer two levels of accreditation: Silver and Gold. It’s always been our aim to be the best in the business. With this in mind we’ve always aimed for the highest standards and the highest level of accreditation since we started out in 1982. We have been NSI Gold approved since the 1980s, however achieving this incredibly high level of approval isn’t a one off process. Indeed one of the requirements is continual improvement. The National Security Inspectorate review and audit our work regularly to ensure we’re working to the requirements for NSI Gold.

Our approval gives our customers peace of mind. Companies approved by the National Security Inspectorate must be technically competent with teams who understand the industry requirements and how to ensure the right level of cover for a customer. Companies must also be trusted and professional. This means security screening for all staff and ongoing professional development of our teams. Those with the Silver badge meet industry technical standards, in a similar way to those who have SSAIB standard approval. But with Gold we go the extra mile and meet “the industry’s highest technical standards and maintain a commitment to continual improvement with scrutiny of their ISO 9001 Quality Management System”. You can find out more about the high standards we meet on the NSI website.

What does NSI stand for?

N.S.I. stands for “National Security Inspectorate”. They are described as the country’s most respectable and trustworthy independent UKAS-accredited certification body. They regulate and maintain high standards across the security industry and fire alarm sector. We have been gold approved with the NSI through it’s aliases of NSCIA, NACOSS and now NSI since 1987. Insurance companies recognise NSI as “the best” as they hold companies accountable to the highest standards. When you’re looking for house insurance or business insurance, your insurance company will want to know if you have got an alarm system. It could even help to reduce your insurance premium if you have an alarm system which is maintained by an NSI Gold approved company. Some insurances specify a certain level of security cover which can only be provided by companies with the relevant approvals.

The NSI website is a good place to check for companies who are registered with them. Be careful to check which approvals companies hold. Some companies only have their approval for certain aspects of their services, for example there are some who use the same brand name to install non approved alarms but advertise that their ARC is NSI Gold approved. Similarly whilst other schemes exist, it’s worth checking what guarantees each scheme provides for you, the consumer.

Our latest inspection

Keybury are regularly inspected by NSI. They make sure we’re doing the best possible job for our customers. We’re inspected across the board from new installations to ongoing maintenance. We’re NSI Gold approved for Intruder alarms, CCTV, Access control systems and Fire Alarm systems. This means we meet British standards, police requirements and insurance requirements. It’s the ultimate peace of mind for our customers.

Our latest NSI audit took place last week with very pleasing feedback.

“The company continues to maintain very high standards” … “Under the current pandemic situation and restrictions, the company have strived to manage the impacts and restrictions to the best of their ability, this is clearly shown in their continued focus and drive.”

You’ll find us on the NSI website listed under Gold approved companies. Our NSI approval is for the design installation and maintenance of security systems including Access Control, CCTV Systems and Intruder Alarms, and for the Design, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems.