Anyone looking for a CCTV installer will discover that CCTV systems come in a range of shapes, sizes and prices. The options for installation also vary greatly. Everything from “plug and play” systems, which you can order online and set up yourself, right through to professionally installed multicamera systems which can be moved and monitored remotely. It can be a little overwhelming when you first look. What sort of system should you go for? Which install route should you choose?

Self install CCTV Cameras

Self-install cameras are usually the cheapest option, as you’re not paying for the actual installation. Many people are happy to have a go at installing their own systems, especially if this means they’ll save some money.  Though you’ll need to know what you’re doing!  These cameras are usually not up to the same standards as those installed by a professional CCTV installer.  In the long run, you could end up spending more. 

We recently had a call from a customer who had opted to install their own cameras, to save money. Unfortunately their neighbours had had a break in and when they went to check their CCTV for footage their realised the camera hadn’t been recording. We have since been out and replaced the system with a new CCTV system which is fit for purpose. The cameras are working and recording high quality images.

Another customer had self installed CCTV in their shop. Unfortunately they were victims of theft and again discovered their cameras were not up to scratch. They too came to us and we were able to fit new cameras which record quality images, and give a warning if items are removed from a specific area. 

Which CCTV installer?

Alternatively, you could opt to have cameras installed for you. Ask friends and family for recommendations, and get more than one quote to compare not only the price but what is included, the quality of equipment and how confident you feel in the company who are providing the quote. Check that the price you’re quoted includes the supply AND installation. 

When you get a quote for a CCTV camera installation, it’s certainly worth asking what is included in the price. You could also ask for a demonstration and for details on the quality of the images. Check the credentials of anyone installing a system for you. Are the a member of an accredited body? How long have they been trading? 

Last year we provided a CCTV quote for a customer who then opted for a cheaper quote from another company. A couple of months later the customer called us back for support after the cheaper installer they had opted for left them with quite a mess and an unfinished system which didn’t work. This installer never returned and was no longer answering their calls.

Professional CCTV installers know the industry, they undertake training and have years of experience, so you can be confident that your CCTV system is good quality and reliable. They will also be able to advise on the quality of picture you can expect form the type of camera you’re installing as well as making sure that you’re not breaking GDPR rules.

CCTV Aftercare

Another consideration which is so often overlooked at the pre-purchase point is after sales care. It’s not something you usually think of until something goes wrong and you need some technical support. It could be that you need to change the time or settings on your system. Perhaps you need to add remote viewing to a new phone or tablet, or reconnect to a new routes. You may need to download footage for the police after an incident. Aftersales care can make all the difference to your experience. Our technical telephone support is included with Keybury maintenance cover and provided by our own engineers who know and understand our systems and are renowned for their patience and helpfulness.

Setting up the system correctly in the first place is crucial, as is making sure that you know exactly how to work it. So often people worry they won’t be able to use or understand their CCTV system, but once it’s explained clearly and patiently, they can use it confidently.  Keybury’s customer reviews so often mention the time and care taken to tutor our customers in new systems – this is an integral part of every one of our installations.

It’s always best to go for a reliable cctv installer who can provide a good quality system that you can depend on.

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