Which home alarm system is best? It’s a good question. Recently, some national organisations have graded nationally (and some internationally) available systems. Sadly, they didn’t include regional security companies. (Like us.)

You probably know that Keybury Fire and Security is a family run company. Did you know it was first created to offer what the big national companies so often fail to provide; a local, customer focused security company. Over forty years later it’s still our mission to provide a customer centric service. We now have a large Yorkshire based team, and meet the highest of industry requirements.

Which Home Alarm: Comparing home security

Reading the pros and cons of the national ‘best buy’ lists, we had to offer our own comparison.

The drawbacks of some of the systems listed included trouble installing, long term contracts (some three years), limited options, short battery life and not being pet friendly. The pros listed for the systems included alarms sending alerts, bespoke packages and professional installation.

By comparison, Keybury systems are professional designed to meet your individual requirements. Your bespoke system is the professionally installed by our highly skilled team. We offer ongoing maintenance and a range of monitoring packages, without any long term tie ins. Though the truth is that many of our customers have continued to use our services for three of four decades – this has been on a year by year basis! In terms of options – there are so many. As each of our systems is designed specifically for the property and person in mind, we source the equipment required to protect your home. Keybury are also able to offer many of the pros listed, including alerts and notifications from your home alarm. Pet friendly systems are our speciality and we offer battery cover for wireless systems.

Find out more…

To find out more about our products and services, why not book a home security survey? We offer them free of charge to anyone interested in getting a new home security system, or upgrading their old one. It gives you chance to explain what you’re looking for, demo some of our products and have your questions answered. You can book online or call us on 0800 458 7486.

We’re not included in national comparisons, because we’re local! Thankfully, our lovely local customers leave us wonderful reviews which give you an idea of what you can expect as a member of the Keybury family.