Winter nights bring longer hours of darkness and harsher weather.  This could lead to power cuts leaving you in the dark, and if your security alarm system is not regularly maintained, it could also leave your home unprotected.

False activations are not only a nuisance, but can also be a sign that your system is not working correctly.  Having alarm systems serviced regularly ensures that batteries are checked, faults are rectified, and that any changes in your home and business, including the addition of pets, can be taken into consideration to keep your system working in the best way to protect your property.

Here are some top tips to help if you find yourself in a power cut this winter:

Are you the only one without power?

Check if street lights are working
Check if your neighbours have power
Check if all power is out, or just a tripped circuit
Check if meter payments have run out

What to watch out for during a power cut:

Stay away from downed power lines
If safe to do so, switch off plug sockets and lights to avoid surges
Look out for frozen food that may not be able to be refrozen

How to prepare for a power cut:

Keep a torch and batteries in an easy-to-find place as all though you have a torch app you may need to save your smartphone power, try to avoid using candles and open flames
Have some blankets and thick clothes ready in case the heating goes down too
Keep your home alarm system regularly maintained to avoid backup battery outage and false alarms

Power companies usually use social media to keep you updated on progress with power cuts, so it’s a good idea to keep your mobile device charged as they can act as a form of communication, a means of keeping up to date and even a torch if you don’t have a real one.

If your alarm beeps or activates during a power cut, enter your code or present your tag and this should silence it. An alarm battery should last a minimum of six hours so on a regularly maintained system this should see you through. If your alarm is still sounding and you have a maintenance contract then you will be able to access engineers for assistance.

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