If your alarm is going off in a power cut, it’s a sign that there is a problem with the system. A regularly maintained intruder alarm should not ring during a power cut.

We provide our customers with comprehensive maintenance cover to keep your system in tip top condition. Keeping your alarm serviced year in year out means your back up battery can be relied upon for power should the mains fail.

Tips for a power cut

Some power cuts are planned, and you will be informed in advance about them. In this situation you can plan how you will manage without power. Other times a power cut is unexpected so i’s best to be prepared. Remember to keep your phone charged, as the ultimate multitool a charged phone can be used to find out more about the power cut, provide light and contact others for help. Power packs are available to charge your phone in this situation. It’s a good idea to keep a torch in the house, just in case. This is a safer option than candles. You can find more tips and information about ongoing power cuts on Northern Powergrid’s website.

If your power goes off, check whether it i jut your house that is without power. This could mean that a fuse has tripped. If your neigbours lights and street light are off, it’s likely that the power cut extends across your street or area. Remember to check on your neighbours in a power cut, and check social media for updates from power companies.

Your alarm in a power cut

The Norther Powergrid website suggests that “Your alarm should have battery back ups but some may be affected”. Of course those which are affected are the alarm systems which haven’t been service or looked after, or ‘DIY’ type systems. Professional security companies with industry recognised accreditations, such as NSI, will only use approved equipment to ensure your alarm is of the highest quality. Keybury are NSI Gold approved for the installation and maintenance of security systems, which means we’ll keep your alarm in tip top condition with servicing to the highest standards in the business.

Your alarm will bleep to tell you that it is without mains power. This can be acknowledged by entering your code or presenting your tag. Your regularly serviced alarm should not go off. It’s back up battery should tide you over for 8 hours. If you’re concerned about your alarm bleeping; first check that it definitely is your alarm that is bleeping (here’s why), and then give us a call. Our comprehensive maintenance cover gives you complete peace of mind; you can relax knowing that your alarm shouldn’t go off in a power cut and that if you ever have any issues with your alarm you can rely on us, 247.

Keybury maintenance cover provides customer with:

  • 24 hour technical telephone support
  • 24 hour emergency call out
  • Priority same day response
  • Call outs to fault equipment included
  • Regular routine service of your system

We can service your intruder alarm even if we didn’t originally install it. This will give you peace of mind during power cuts. Call our helpful team for more information or complete our contact form and we’ll get in touch.

If you need us in a power cut call 0800 458 7486 – customers with Keybury cover will be redirected to our 24 hour out of hours service.