We’re supporting #NHSM18 – sounding the alarm for security

Alarm Systems designed with you in mind


We are supporting the National Home Security Month to raise the profile of home security. This week, the spotlight is on Home Alarm Systems. Keybury have been installing and maintaining home alarm systems since 1982 so you can be confident in our knowledge and experience. A lot has changed in the last 36 years, but our commitment to Peace of Mind remains constant.

National Home Security Month couldn’t come at a better time.  Facebook community groups, local press and local police twitter feeds share news of break-ins on a worryingly regular basis. The ONS reported a 6% increase in burglaries reported to the police. On top of this, we can expect a typical 20% rise in crime around the end of October.


Our first alarms had very large keypads and metal bell boxes which sounded if an intruder was detected. These days, we offer a huge range of systems including wireless systems, pet friendly detectors and even intruder alarms which can be monitored with an app.

Bell Boxes Through The Years


Keybury systems are individual to you and your home. The surveyors consider your home from the point of design which means that we can offer chrome keypads to match your home’s fixtures and fittings. We also consider your family’s needs. If you have a dog, we offer pet friendly devices so your pooch can still roam the house without being mistaken for an intruder. Setting your alarm can be made really convenient with extra tag readers. These are particularly handy if you like to come and go through the garage, or want to set the alarm from upstairs.


But it doesn’t end there. Our customers are constantly commenting on how clean and tidy our engineers are. Some of our recent customer reviews said we “left the place tidier than when they came” and thanked us for “Hosing down the pathway outside where the debris had been and also vacuuming up the mess from drilling indoors.”with you in mind

National Home Security Month rightly point out that simply having an up to date bell box on your house is a great deterrent to would-be intruders. Our backlit bell boxes light up in the dark therefore they can been seen easily. Any potential burglars can spot these and see that your house is secure.alarm systems bell box


Intruder alarms can also be monitored in a number of ways, including either by the police, your keyholders or by an app on your phone. Our app is available for iPhone or android and gives you remote control of your alarm. It can even be linked to your CCTV system.

CCTV apps for Android view around the world

For ultimate peace of mind, Keybury maintain alarm systems and offer 24 hour call out and telephone support to customers. We can look after your alarm system even if it wasn’t installed by us.

Are you interested in updating your intruder alarm or adapting it to suit your family? Book a free home security survey from Keybury. Read more about National Home Security Month using the #NHSM18 on twitter.