Burglary is distressing and costly to it’s victims. In our recent blog we investigated the emotional cost to victims of burglary and found that 84% of victims feel vulnerable after a burglary. Some people are affected enough to move home. If you have been affected by burglary this is unlikely to be surprised by these figures.

Unfortunately, a recent report found that victims were not receiving the justice they deserve. The report said opportunities to identify and catch criminals were missed and that police had a lack of capacity to investigate. This has been compounded by a national shortage in detectives.

This report by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services comes only months after the Home office reported low rates of charging criminals. These figures from March 2022 show that only 6% of robbery offences and 4% of thefts in England and Wales resulted in charges.

Positive News for Victims of Burglary

However there is some positive news following the report published in August. Police are now pledging to attend every home burglar in England and Wales.

“We’re never going to turn up to every single crime, and the public understand that, but something as severe as burglary needs a proper policing response,” he said. “It’s too serious an intrusion not to have somebody turn up”.

Sir Mark Rowley – London Met Police Chief (BBC news)

The move was agreed by all forces at a recent meeting. They have pledged to attend all home burglaries no matter what is stolen or where the property is.


This strategy has already proven successful. In July 2021 Greater Manchester Police made the commitment to attend all home burglaries. Since then, they have seen a 95% increase in arrests.

You can report a crime or incident on the police website. This is for non emergency reports. If you are in immediate danger, you should call 999.