There is do doubt that burglars notice CCTV cameras. In fact research shows that more often than not, criminals will scout a premises for cameras.

You may not notice CCTV cameras, but burglars certainly do. One study of convicted burglars showed that 2/3 of burglars actually check property for security cameras.

Have you ever noticed the huge monitor displaying CCTV of shoppers in the doorway of the supermarket? Many retail stores employ this strategy. As you walk through the door, you’re immediately confronted with the image of yourself. The suggestion that you’re being watched is clear and anyone of criminal intent is warned of the CCTV on the premises. The same applies to CCTV in and around businesses and homes; when you know you’re being watched, you’re going to adapt your behaviour accordingly.

CCTV Camera Signage

Study after study cites CCTV cameras as one of the biggest deterrents for burglars. They work by stealth, avoid leaving evidence, and steer clear of security cameras. Clear signage lets people know you are using CCTV, and is a very obvious warning to criminals to stay away.

CCTV signage is crucial for compliance, as well as acting as a deterrent;

It’s a legal requirement to have them [cctv camera signs] up near the cameras … we fit them on commercial CCTV so the public are aware they are being recorded for data protection purposes.

Patrick, Technical Director, Keybury

The signs ensure GDPR Data Protection compliance. They also act as a deterrent in themselves. When people know they are being watched, they change their behaviour. This is known as the Hawthorne effect. This was first studied around 100 years ago, when people improved their behaviour simply by being observed. Fast forward to 2021 and the same applies to people who know they are under CCTV surveillance.

cctv data protection

Monitored CCTV Cameras

Monitored CCTV systems are an even more effective deterrent, as criminals know that there will be a more immediate response to any activity. A monitored CCTV system becomes are more “active” security system. CCTV cameras can be monitored with apps – and can even send notifications within the app when someone crosses a predefined line. Another option is 24 hour CCTV monitoring.

remote monitoring cctv

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