CCTV Ilkley

CCTV Ilkley

CCTV is one of the most effective and popular security options because it prevents crime. For CCTV Ilkley residents and business owners can rely on our long-standing reputation as leading security providers for Ilkley and the surrounding areas. We protect many businesses, schools and homes in Ilkley with our top of the range security systems.

Which CCTV System?

We offer several types of CCTV systems; From a simple 2 camera system for your home or small office, to a large multi camera system with 4K HD quality images and push notifications. Our experienced and knowledgeable surveyors can design the system to suit you. Find out more about our CCTV for your home and CCTV for your Ilkley based business.    

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CCTV Ilkley

What the stats say

In July 2019 132 crimes were reported in Ilkley according to police figures. This is more than double 65 crimes reported in the area in March 2019. It’s widely quoted that homes with simple security measures in place are five times safer from crime than those without. Many people in the town use the popular local Facebook community page Ilkley Chat to share warnings of antisocial behaviour or burglaries. The supportive group has recently shared security advice given the increase in crime in the Ilkley area.

CCTV Ilkley Scheme

A proposed CCTV Ilkley scheme received lots of support from locals in 2018 but the petition for on street CCTV was rejected by the council. The decision in June 2018 was “slammed” by local police. Reports say that Ilkley is the only town in the Bradford district without CCTV coverage.  The proposed cost of Ilkley’s CCTV scheme was £100,000 with ongoing running costs according to stray fm. Fortunately, CCTV systems can be installed on your premises from around 0.5% of this cost. Many Ilkley residents and local business have CCTV installed to protect their property.  

CCTV Ilkley

CCTV – the best bits

CCTV systems with push notifications let you know as soon as anyone sets foot onto your property. Keyless car theft can be disrupted when you’re alerted as soon as thieves approach your vehicle or home. CCTV with perimeter security alerts can also be used to protect bikes, pets and deliveries. We install insurance approved CCTV Ilkley businesses can rely on. You can use CCTV to protect your business premises when you’re away. Our remote viewing app allows you to view your cameras from anywhere in the world. It’s available for both apple and android devices and allows you to view multiple cameras on your phone or tablet.

Baht’ a camera? 

Living in Ilkley baht CCTV is like walking on Ilkley moor baht ‘at. Book your free CCTV survey and demo now.