Festive Security Advice

There are key dates over the holidays when criminals know that a proportion of houses will be empty. Here’s a few simple steps to make sure your Christmas security is wrapped up in time for the festive season:  

You don’t have to go to the same extremes as Kevin Macallister; heated door-handles, swinging paint cans and icy steps aren’t on the list of police approved security measures.

Instead, make your home look occupied with a few simple ideas: Use timers on lights to make your house look occupied – this can go a long way to deterring would be intruders. Consider using more than one and alternate which rooms you light up. Draw the curtains if you are away from home in the evening. You could also use a timer on a radio or TV to create the illusion of an occupied house.  
Avoid the nightmare of having gifts stolen by keeping gifts, valuables and packaging out of site.

Christmas security needn’t be complex

Christmas security needn’t be complex, simple common sense steps can make a difference. Never leave a laptop on a window sill or a mobile phone on the hall table by the door. Always bring gifts in from the car and store them away out of sight of criminals as well as the kids.  When unpacking large or valuable gifts, make sure not to leave the boxes and wrapping outside or on display, as these give criminals a clue about what they could find inside your house.  
If you’re away over Christmas, use a security app to keep an eye on your home whilst you’re away. Receive a notification if your alarm activates and check in on your home CCTV from your smart phone.  

A jingle on your smart phone can help to keep your home secure.

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There is only one person who should be coming into your house this Christmas, and he’ll be dressed in red, using the chimney and bringing things in rather than taking them away. Increase your home security this festive season. Start with a free home security survey from Keybury Fire & Security.