How do you control who has access to your building? Access control systems secure your building whilst allowing seamless access to authorised people.

Access Control : Hear from the experts

There are a variety of solutions available. Each has different nuances which are more valuable to some premises and others which solve different problems elsewhere. We install a range of access solutions. These include keycode card and QR code access to fob, fingerprint and facial recognition.

Keybury Sales Manager, Mortimer, is an expert in the design of access control systems. He has designed hundreds of systems for a range of of settings across manufacturing, warehousing, self storage and gyms. Mortimer is keen to point out the benefits of facial recognition access systems, including the ease of use, contactless entry and price. He explains, “as it has become more mainstream, facial recognition access control systems are now much more affordable for businesses”.

Staff, Visitors and Members

Keybury have installed access control systems to solve problems for our customers in a range of settings across manufacturing, warehousing, self storage and gyms. Gyms which are open 24 hours with independent access value these systems, as do their members who feel safer when robust access control systems are in place.

Access control can streamline access for staff, members, subscribers and visitors. Managers can easily grant and revoke access to the whole site or key areas. This can keep private offices and secure data off limits to visitors. It can also allow easy time limited access to visitors with codes issues ahead of time with a booking.

On top of this there are a number of additional safety aspects and integrations available. These include integrated camera systems. Some access systems include cameras, others combine CCTV with access , for example ANPR systems on barriers. Fire alarm systems can also be integrated, and the access system can even provide a fire roll call option in the event of an evacuation.

As with all our systems, there are a number of solutions dependent on the site and the requirements of the customer. If you’d like to book a survey with Mortimer or any member of our sales team to discuss your requirements contact our office directly on 01535 661197 or book online.