Easter holidays are here (or almost here, depending on which school your children attend!). Whilst you might be planning for Easter eggs hunts, burglars will be on their own sort of treasure trail. Homeowners; beware of sneaky security risks and take action to avoid ‘fowl’ play this bank holiday weekend.

As families hop off for Easter getaways or gatherings, burglars might eye up empty homes. Foil their plans with these simple steps; from double-checking those locks before hitting the road, to adding some high-tech gadgets like cameras and smart alarm systems to sprinkle some magic security dust around your property.

Chick out our Easter Holidays Security Tips:

Hiding Eggs? Hide your valuables too… well at least don’t leave them lying around. High value items left on windowsills or where they can be easily taken are just too tempting for some opportunist thieves.

Sprucing up the garden? We love getting out into the garden, and there’s lots to do in the garden at this time of year. Remember to tidy away your tools and gardening equipment. Leaving tools out risks them being stolen, or used to access your house. Did you know you can add security to your garden shed? A strong lock can be enough to deter criminals, but if you’ve got high value items in there, consider adding it to your home alarm system. More and more people are choosing to install cameras covering their gardens as well as entryways. (Speak to our team about the best way to protect your garden.)

Jetting of on Easter holidays? Our home security app is perfect for keeping an eye on your home when you’re away. Not only will you receive notifications if anything happens, but you can also you remotely control your system. It’s best to avoid ‘checking in’ on socials and posting from your destination. This can flag up that your home is empty and put your home security at risk. Instead save your photos and posts until you’re home again.

With Easter buzz in the air, don’t let home security slip your mind. Hide valuables, zip your lips about travel plans online and don’t forget to give your house alarm a job when you step out! Stay ahead of the game and relish a worry-free Easter bash. Book your home security survey today – it’s a completely free appointment where we can discuss your requirements and provide you with a quote for a security system to protect your home this Easter – and beyond.