Facial recognition is commonplace in today’s society thanks to our phones. Many of use our faces to make payments and unlock apps. It’s also a feature of some CCTV. Some CCTV systems have been developed to recognise whether a person is wearing a face mask, and prompt a “please wear a facemask” message. Now businesses are using facial recognition terminals as part of their access control systems.

Access Control Systems

Many businesses use access control systems to control how different rooms or floors of their buildings are accessed. Access control systems help with social distancing and allow companies to keep secure areas closed to anyone without specific permissions. These systems are often operated with a fob or a key card which is swiped for access. There had been a move towards fingerprint access, which was gaining in popularity until early 2020. Now we live in a “contactless” world and facial recognition has become a preferred option.

Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition terminals are an excellent option. Instead of using fobs or codes to gain entry to a building or a room, they recognise a stored face to gain entry. Fobs can be lost and codes can be forgotten. You can’t lose your face! These systems also have an intercom function that can be used for a single purpose, for example to call reception. Any visitors to your business can call reception directly. Two way audio and video can be used to provide communication to either a handset or central computer running the software.

Clocking in

The system does more than just unlock doors. It can also be programmed to double up as a “clocking in and out” record. Businesses can save money with staff no longer taking unsolicited breaks. Many businesses have found this has slim lined their payroll process.

One of our recent facial recognition system installations was at the Real Lancashire Black Pudding Company. They said:

Being a food manufacturer who is BRC accredited site security is very important.  Recently Keybury installed a Hikvision facial recognition system on our site.  It was quickly installed with very little fuss and we were trained how to properly use the system.  Not only has this improved security on site but we have now been able to get rid of our old clocking in machines, and can now process payroll using the information from the scanners.  Very professional job on Keybury’s part, very friendly and informed staff.  The Real Lancashire Black Pudding Co. Ltd.

Jessica – Real Lancashire Black Pudding Co.

To find out more about how this system could benefit your business, book an appointment with one of our experienced professional surveyors.