Footfall Management Solution

Many businesses are working with a maximum capacity on site. Tracking this is complicated and often results in some one stood at the doorway with a counter, or dangerously, locking the door with customers inside. A Footfall Management Solution counts the number of people on the premises and keeps track for you. It uses a people counting camera coupled with a display monitor to welcome customers or ask them to wait. This will bring to end the uncertainty of customers hovering outside unsure of whether they can go in.

Footfall Management Solution

Queue Management Solution

The visual automated queue management solution works as an automatic enter/wait here sign, letting customers know when it’s safe to come in and when they need to queue outside. This frees up your staff. The system digitally manages footfall on the premises and helps to keep numbers to a predefined maximum during social distancing. The automated system works through a people counting camera and digital display. The digital display monitors can even be dual purpose, displaying advertisements as well as the output from the queue management system.

Receive real time alerts where the people counting technology detects that the maximum number of people on site has been exceeded. The system is suitable for both single entry premises and multiple entry, so is suitable for gyms, factories and markets as well as shops and transport hubs.

The queue management system is just one of the CCTV & access control solutions to the changes businesses are having to implement following lockdown. Others include contactless digital access systems and temperature detection cameras. You can find out more about the footfall management solutions and other systems which help you protect your staff and customers, by booking a free site survey with our professional sales surveyors. Contact us on 01535 661197 or email to book.