4 facts about home alarm systems - Number 3 is a game changer

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Having home alarm systems makes you a target … Yeah and smoking is good for your health!

Maybe in the 70’s, when a system cost the equivalent of £5k, an alarm made you a target. Today most people’s TV’s cost more than a decent alarm system. Ask yourself, “If I was a burglar which house near me would I think was the one that would attract no attention when I break in?”
Plus, statistics show that houses fitted with no security measures are 5 times more likely to be burgled.
Police recorded theft increased by 11% in the year ending June 2017 compared with the previous year and continues the recent upward rise seen in the last two years. This includes rises in all main categories of theft, including burglary at 6%.

You haven’t heard about wireless alarms! …. Is the Internet broken?

Wireless home alarm systems are now super-reliable, European graded, insurance approved and thousands of people are having them fitted. They can be installed in a few hours and not a few days like wired systems. No mess is involved, carpets don’t have to come up and there’s no need for ugly wires and plastic trunking. Protecting a shed or garage is simple and there’s no cables for a burglar to cut. Adding extra sensors in the future couldn’t be easier and best of all when you move house your alarm can move too.

Everyone focuses on neighbours not doing anything instead of focusing on this

Don’t think your neighbours would do anything if your alarm went off? So what? Firstly the burglar would do something .. like scram! Secondly your app will immediately tell you, family and friends who can do something. Thirdly if you have your alarm monitored the police will do something. So if Nigel the Neighbour minds his own business it really doesn’t matter.

How home alarm systems make you smarter

Well .. make you look smarter. In the past many people were put off as using an alarm could be quite complicated – but not anymore. No confusing codes needed as the system can be turned on and off by swiping it with a fob on your keyring – it doesn’t get any simpler than that does it? .. Well yes actually, our latest systems come with app control – you can protect your home from your phone

  • 5 times less likely to be burgled
  • Installed in hours - no wires needed
  • You don't need the neighbours
  • Alarms make you smarter

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