There are so many options for smart security systems in 2020, do you really need a house alarm?

Yes! A house alarm can protect your home from intruders, save you money and hassle. It can provide you with smart security and send you app notifications. An alarm can even help you sleep at night.

Are house alarms still relevant in 2020?

We’ve been at the forefront of security for four decades now. We started out installing burglar alarms on houses in the 1980s. Back then house alarms were the height of technology. You may be surprised to hear that they are still high tech. Security alarms have evolved along with all the smart technology available. In the modern era of wireless, wifi and apps burglar alarms have not been left behind.

house alarm

Are burglar alarms effective?

Absolutely! NHSM reports that homes without any security measures are 5 times more likely to fall victim to burglars. It makes sense that the more robust your security, the less of a target you become. House alarms can be monitored with either keyholder or police response which is not something an intruder want’s to risk. Burglar alarms are also very effective stress relievers. Our customers report feeling reassured and sleeping better at night since having a house alarm installed.

How much does an alarm system cost for a house?

A house alarm system can be supplied and installed from as little as £399. As each house varies, so does each burglar alarm. This is why we always offer a free visit from one of our surveyors to discuss exactly what you require from your system. Wired and wireless systems vary in price, as do different levels of monitoring.

How much hassle is it to have a house alarm fit?

If you set off down the cheap-and-cheerful off-the-shelf route, you could find yourself frustrated. Enlisting a reputable security company to install an intruder alarm for you takes the headache and hassle out of it. Our customers are always surprised at how easy and straight forward the whole process is. We’re also well known for our clean and tidy workmanship. We made this video to walk you through the process. For your own personalised quote, contact us now on 01535 661197 or