Winter is coming... with increase crime rates

A spike of up to 25% in winter break ins

Tips to protect your home and family

Tips to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of crime

Boost your home security this winter

Crime statistics clearly show that winter is the worst time of year from burglaries. According to, there’s around a 25% spike in burglaries in the autumn and winter months. There are a few simple steps you can take to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of these winter burglaries. Read on for our top tips.


Shine a light on crime

Spotlight on intruders

With the clocks going back, shorter days and more hours of darkness. The shorter days mean dark mornings and dark afternoons, giving intruders plenty of shadows to hide in. Outdoor security lighting with motion sensors that activate when movement is detected in an area are a great deterrent. A bright light which comes on suddenly can startle a criminal and put them off. If you’ve got – are considering getting – a CCTV system, then opt for security lights with LED bulbs rather than the traditional halogen bulbs. Unlike LEDs, Halogen lights can affect the quality of a CCTV image.


Highlight your security

Show off what you've got!

The newest intruder alarms come with backlit bell boxes with shine brightly in the darkness and really highlight your home security. If you don’t want a complete new system, it’s possible to simply upgrade your bell box to bring the look of your system up to date. Use signage to highlight to anyone approaching your property that your home is secured, whether by CCTV or with a monitored alarm system.


Watch out!

Keep an eye on your home security

Keep a close watch on your property with a CCTV system. Make sure your cameras give a good clear picture and work in the dark and comply with GDPR. Choose a system with remote viewing so you can check in from your phone. Monitored CCTV can alert you when someone enters an area which means you can potentially stop a crime before it happens. Winter burglaries often happen under cover of darkness so make sure your CCTV gives a clear picture in the dark. CCTV comes in all shapes and size, from one camera to watch over your front path to several to cover your entire outdoor area. Don’t be fooled into getting more that you need. An experienced security company will advise you on the best locations and number of cameras required.


Wake up to your alarm…

rather than to an intruder

With an intruder alarm, someone entering your property would set the alarm off. Systems can be programmed to allow you to walk in certain areas e.g. to the bathroom at night, without setting off the alarm.

Always set your alarm when you go out and when you go to bed.

There are regular, terrifying social media posts about winter burglaries, with people waking up with an intruder in their bedroom. Your alarm siren will wake you up before a burglar reaches the stairs. It will also wake up your neighbours, and draw unwanted attention to the intruder.


Get back up

call for help

A monitored system alerts you – and others to your alarm sounding. Choose app, key holder or police monitored systems to get back up when your alarm sounds. Systems with App monitoring send you a notification if your alarm goes off. This is particularly useful if you are at work or away from home. Key holder monitoring has your alarm call on a nominated list of friends, family or key holders whenever it is activated. Police monitoring is only available from security companies with NSI or SSAIB approval. The alarm would call the police to any activation; the ultimate in peace of mind.


Don’t Panic

Panic buttons, which can be linked to an intruder alarm or monitored individually can be useful. Press them if you have an intruder or are under threat to sound the alarm or call for help. These can be police monitored as with intruder alarms. Police monitoring is only available from security companies with NSI or SSAIB approval. The button would call the police to any activation; the ultimate in peace of mind.

Prepare for winter:

Will the spike in winter burglaries affect you?

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