National Grid warned that homes could face winter power cuts if gas supplies run low in the coming months.

If we saw that shortfall coming, the most effective way to manage the rest of the network is to ask the distribution companies to reduce demand and they would do that over that rolling period of around 4 to 7pm

J Pettigrew National Grid CEO

Unseasonably warm weather over recent months should have allowed European countries to fill gas storage facilities and could help reduce the likelihood of this scenario. However BBC news reports that industry and government experts are in discussion about a public awareness campaign.

We investigate how planned power cuts this winter could affect your home security. It’s a good idea to keep your phone charged up in case of an emergency during a power cut. Make sure you have torches handy too. Northern power gird offer generic power cut advice.

We look at how planned power cuts this winter could affect your home security system.

Winter Power Cuts: Alarming?

This idea of winter power cuts is alarming – especially during those dark evenings between 4pm and 7pm. Families will be worried because this is after school/work peak cooking and TV time. One of the concerns is whether it will affect your home security.

Home alarms which are regularly serviced and have an up to date working battery will be able to rely on battery back up for up to 8 hours, so should be unaffected by the power cuts. If you do have a power cut your alarm will bleep to alert you. Smart systems will send you a notification too. You can present your tag to acknowledge the alert and continue to use the system as usual.

You could face a ringing alarm if your system hasn’t been serviced recently and has an older battery. This can be stressful and add insult to injury during a power cut. Its advisable to have your system checked over before the winter to ensure it’s working as it should. Keybury offer system services even if we didn’t originally install your system. Find out more about Keybury maintenance cover and contact us to book.