Why so many people are now choosing wireless alarm systems

Wireless Alarm System

Why wireless alarm systems are so reliable

For years the most common type of burglar alarm was a wired one. Early radio systems were cheap and not so cheerful and gave lots of false alarms. However, in the last decade wireless technology has changed beyond belief.
False alarms are almost unheard of and many new security features have been added such a ‘supervision’ and ‘anti-jamming’. Imagine having all that peace-of-mind but getting it in hours not days.

No Mess, No Wires

Did you always think having a burglar alarm installed meant lots of mess and unsightly wires? Consider having an insurance approved, reliable alarm system that took just hours to install and caused no damage to decorations and left no mess. Wireless alarm systems need no cabling, no plastic trunking, are quick to install and super easy to use.

Wireless alarms are just so simple with app control

Have you ever worried that an alarm would be hard to use? Wireless alarms are so simple to use. They can be turned on and off with a fob or straight from an app on your phone. Our smartphone app lets you set and unset the alarm and gives you alerts should you have a break-in. Super smart doesn’t have to be super difficult.

You can’t have an alarm and a dog … can you?

While we’re busting a few myths here’s another one to put right – Can’t have an alarm with pets …. Oh yes you can! Intelligent pet-immune sensors have been available for several years now. No longer do you have to worry about false alarms from Fido or Felix for that matter. Animals are no longer a problem so there really is nothing stopping you.

Online Calculator

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  • Reliable and dependable
  • Quick to install
  • No Mess, No wires
  • Pets not a problem

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