You’ve probably read the news stories about BT Openreach’s national analogue digital phone line switchover. In fact, it’s likely you’ve already made the switch! The latest update from BT tells us that they’re aiming to complete the Yorkshire leg of the national project by the end of Autumn 2023.

The country’s analogue phone lines are being switched over to digital. Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is being switched off; homes and businesses across the country are being migrated to the all IP (internet protocol) phone service.

Analogue Digital Phone Line Switchover and Intruder Alarm Monitoring

There is a knock on effect from this for anyone that has a monitored intruder alarm system. If your intruder alarm system currently sends signals down an analogue phone line, it will no longer work once the switch is complete. The national deadline for the roll out is 2025. However BT have announced that if you live in Yorkshire, you’re likely to see the switch in the next couple of months.

If your line is switched over and you haven’t made the appropriate plans with your security company, it could leave you vulnerable. As always, our customers’ peace of mind has been priority for us here at Keybury. We have been in touch with our customers about the analogue digital phone line switchover since 2021.

The majority of our customers are now switched across to new, innovative monitoring solutions. Many of our customers made the move before the switch off. This meant that when their lines were switched, their home security was not affected.


Do you have questions about how the analogue digital phone line switchover will affect your intruder alarm monitoring? Contact us directly. We can offer you a number of options to ensure your uninterrupted peace of mind. The available options do vary depending on the type of monitoring you currently have on your system. Our team are ready to answer your questions and help provide you with the best monitoring to meet your requirements.

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