The CC in CC Camera App stands for ‘Closed Circuit’. Although still a popular term it is somewhat inaccurate as modern surveillance camera systems are usually anything but ‘Closed Circuit’. As technology rushes along adhering to Moore’s Law then camera systems become IP, Wi-Fi enabled and app controlled. No co-axial cable, huge camera housing, video-tape recorders and bulky monitors anymore. Quality CCTV delivers HD images with discreet cameras operating via IP or even Wi-Fi and tend to be viewed via a PC or smartphone app.


The Real Person’s Guide to CCTV

The make up of surveillance camera system can be varied. There are cheap and cheerful wi-fi cameras that connect straight to the internet and record on their own SD card. However image quality, weather resistance, night-time viewing and, most importantly, security can all be issues.
A robust, high quality, insurance approved camera system, recording evidential quality images day and night would tend to have the following make-up: HD cameras, in IP65 weatherproof housings, cabled with Cat5e (Network cable) transmitting via IP to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). The DVR would have a connection to your Broadband Router to give secure cloud access to both live and recorded images via a cc camera app. The best viewing apps are available on Android (Via Google Play) and IOS (Via the App Store) and desktop versions both Windows and Mac OS.


Can Wi-Fi Cameras be hacked?

A quick Google of the question may well lead you to the conclusion ‘Yes!’ Cameras broadcasting locally are an obvious security concern. Transmission via Cat5 cable remains the more secure approach.  They are also more robust have smartphones and other Wi-Fi devices ever frozen in your house? If you’re not there to reboot them they would probably stay that way too. Outdated camera firmware, default admin usernames and no password encryption is all too common with the off-the-shelf Wi-Fi systems. There are even bogus apps that can stream your data without your knowledge.


The keyword is security.

The rush towards cheap off-the-shelf camera solutions can result in people being less secure than when they had no cameras. It makes perfect sense to have a CC Camera app but by-passing a security firm to get it could be fool hardy. Specialist knowledge in selection of cameras and lenses, positioning, view selection and knowledge of British Standards and the Data-Protection Act are as relevant as ever. Ignorance is no plea in a UK court and an open system viewing beyond your property can leave you on the wrong side of the law. So starting with approved, security specialist is still the way to go. For a free security-camera survey get in touch via our [Contact Page]