There has been a continued rise in CCTV cameras being installed for domestic use across the UK.  A quick search on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can quickly show you footage captured across the country from many people’s homes as they share suspicious activity in the hope of raising awareness for their neighbours and helping others keep their property safe.

Within this month alone, you would have been able to watch home CCTV clips showing suspicious activity in Shipley, Sheffield, Harrogate, Worcester, Derbyshire, Glasgow and Norfolk.

Many high quality home CCTV systems make it easy for you to review and share footage from your property, helping you to warn others nearby of attempted burglaries, suspicious figures casing the area and showing you where to be most vigilant with your security.  

With police resources continuing to be stretched, many people feel more comfortable being able to share information quickly across social media platforms and helping to protect their neighbourhoods.  


However, providing your own evidence against criminal activity is only able to be used if it is of a high enough quality to be utilised by the police.  This means it is is wise to invest in a high definition system and one that is able to produce high quality images in low lighting.  Cheap DIY systems which can be found online are unlikely to provide footage which will be able to stand up to any scrutiny in court and could be deemed worthless.

Seeking advice from a qualified CCTV system designer is the best way to ensure you are able to achieve the level of surveillance you require for you home, covering all areas you would like to monitor and be within public privacy rules.  Our Keybury surveyors can discuss all your requirements and provide you with a free no obligation quotation or onsite demonstration.  Get in touch today by calling the office on 01535 66 11 97 or send an enquiry through our contact page.