Are you considering Installing a wireless home alarm system to protect your home? Good idea! Several studies tell us that a home alarm system can improve your home security. One survey of of ex convicts said 71% were put off by a home having a visual siren on display, according to smart home week 2019.

Wireless home alarms are a popular option for home security systems. Whilst the equipment itself is more expensive, these systems avoid the need to run wires which can cause huge amounts of disruption at home.

Installing a wireless home alarm system: D.I.Y. or Don’t?

Are you tempted to install a wireless home alarm system yourself? Lockdown has produced a lot of home improvement and DIY enthusiasts, keen to try their hand at anything! Wireless kits are cheap… but they can come at a high cost. A cheap system which doesn’t properly protect your home isn’t worth buying. There’s a reason that so many people opt for professional company when installing a wireless home alarm system; In fact there are lots of reasons!

Experienced security surveyors will point out property weaknesses that you may not have considered. Our team have decades of experience in designing, installing and maintaining home alarms. So when we design a system for you, you know you’ve got all the necessary angles covered. Poorly placed detection may not pick up intruders. Certain companies might take advantage here and over specify with extra unnecessary detection. DIYers might miss a spot that we know is worth covering.

Benefits of the Pro’ installers

Our experts will design exactly what you need and specify the best location for each item of detection. We also offer useful tools which offer extras for you from extra reassurance of a panic button to the extra convenience of a tag reader by the side door for when you’re heading out with the dog.

Great service from start to finish. initial visit was good, very detailed and didn’t try to up sell anything we didn’t need. I usually get 3 quotes for works such as these and Keybury were very competitive.

Amar M – Keybury Customer Google Review

Programming of a wireless alarm system is complex – get it right and your home will be well protected when you’re out and when you’re in bed. Get it wrong and you’ll have lots of false alarms and inadequate security.

Opting for a professionally installed wireless home alarm system gives you options for alarm monitoring to further protect your home. NSI Gold approved companies like Keybury and SSAIB approved companies can offer police monitored intruder alarm systems as well as key holder monitoring and app control.

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