Monitored Alarm System

monitored alarm system

What is a monitored alarm system? The short answer is: an alarm which calls for back up! The way it calls for back up and who it calls is up to you and your individual requirements. Perhaps you want the full reassurance of a police monitored system. You might prefer to receive notifications to your phone. Maybe you’d like a combination? Sometimes the type of monitoring is driven by the business type or the home insurance policy. Insurers often require police monitoring where high value items are kept at home or for certain businesses. There are now new smart solutions to monitoring. These offer alternatives to the traditional options of keyholder response or police monitored alarms. If you’re considering a security system for your home and you’ve got questions about intruder alarm monitoring read on…

You call it home, we keep it monitored

October is National Home Security Month and each week has a different focus. National Home Security Month is honing in on monitored security systems this week. We’re supporting this annual event to raise awareness of home security, clear up misconceptions and answer your questions. You can find out more on our social media pages using the hashtag #NHSM20

What is a monitored alarm system?

This type of system alerts you should your alarm go off. Who will it alert, and how? That is up to you. Police Monitored Alarm System Firstly, there’s police monitoring where an alarm activation triggers a call to the police. Police will not attend an alarm bell ringing where it does not have police monitoring. A system which can send a confirmed alarm signal to an alarm receiving centre can, however, be attended by the police. Head over to our police response page to read more about this type of monitoring. keyholder monitoring for your Alarm System Keyholder response offers monitoring of an intruder alarm without the stringent rules that come with police monitoring. Nominated keyholders are contacted and alerted to any alarm activation. Some people choose keyholder response companies to do this. Others opt to nominate friends, family and neighbours as keyholders. They are then contacted if your alarm goes off. Only approved security companies can provide you with a police response alarm system. Keybury are NSI Gold approved, which means we can install and maintain monitored alarm systems. We can also take over the maintenance of alarm systems that we haven’t installed. Find out more about the best response alarm for you.

Can I monitor my own alarm system?

Well actually, you can! App monitored smart alarms send a real time alert to your device in the event of an alarm activation. That means if your alarm is going off, you’ll get a ping on your phone, your iPad or even your smart watch. Head over to this blog to find out more about how app based security systems can provide solutions to more than your home security! Our friendly, knowledgeable surveyors are on hand to answer your questions. Why not book a free no obligation home security survey today? Call us on 01535 661197 or email

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