App based home security systems sound great but are they just for techy types? Are home security apps any use in real life? Of course!

Six times app based home security systems save the day

It’s the little things that mean you have one less thing to worry about and help your day to run more smoothly.

1. You don’t want to get out of bed.

set your house alarm at night Have you ever got into bed, switched the light off and then thought “Did I set the alarm?” The last thing you want to do is head back down to check. Rather than getting back out of bed, you can check your phone. The notifications tell you when it was set or unset. If you forgot to set it, you can simply turn the alarm on using the app. Similarly, if the kids are up and about in the morning, you can use the app to prevent the alarm from sounding at the sight of mini intruders breaking into the biscuit tin (if you want to…). And the other time you really don’t want to get out of bed? When you hear something in the middle of the night. Whether it’s a crash or a bang outside or your alarm going off, it’s not the sort of thing that makes you want to throw back the covers is it? Fear not! App based home security systems can combine CCTV and intruder alarms. So you can check the cameras to see what the commotion is about without having to get out of bed. You do set your alarm at night, don’t you?

2. Your teenagers are too old to call to let you know they’re home safely… but you really want to know that they got home safely.

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When you’re at work do you worry about whether your kids have arrived safely home from high school? Would you feel happier if your smart watch or phone alerted you to their arrival? Our smart home security app will send you a notification when the alarm is disarmed – and it will even tell you who switched it off. You can also make sure they’ve set off on time with the “alarm set” alerts. These alerts even link to your apple watch. Which is great if you’re out for a run. You can get a ‘ping’ to say your alarm has been set/unset – or activated – the latter of which would require a sprint home! The flip side of this is that you can set the alarm when you go to bed, even when your (older) kids are on a night out – or your other half has gone out to the pub (they are open again now!). The returning party animal can unset the alarm *before* they come in. In theory. I guess it depends how the night out went…

3. Your home feels like Piccadilly Circus! You need a better idea of who’s coming and going.

Do you have lots of people coming and going in your house? Whether you’ve got teenagers, family members who work shifts or home help such as a dog walker, cleaner or childcare it can be tricky to keep track on who’s home. The smart app can be used to check the alarm has been reset, as well as to record when it was armed and disarmed. So if you’re heading home after the school run you can check whether your partner’s still in bed after the night shift (and detour to the park!). You can receive an alert when your dog walker has arrived or when your cleaner has left so you know the system is armed again and your home is protected. If you’ve just got a puppy did you know you can update your system to be pet friendly?

4. You need help caring for family members, eyes in the back of your head and a few extra hours in the day.

cctv there when you can't be Are you caring for elderly or vulnerable relatives? Our smart home app combines CCTV & intruder alarm. It lets you know if the alarm has been set and unset. This means you can check that your relative is up and about in the morning. You can also receive alerts if they have callers at the door and know if their carer has arrived. CCTV is about as close as you can get to eyes in the back of your head! Smart CCTV systems allow you to keep careful eye on vulnerable relatives either in their home or within your own home. We can’t give you any extra hours, but with CCTV recording you can replay the day if you need to. App based home security systems really provide peace of mind that your family members are safe.  

5. You’ve got friends staying over.

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Under the latest lock down update, overnight guests are now allowed, with social distancing observed. If you have house guests you can use your app based home security system to isolate a specific room. So if you’ve got a friend sleeping on the couch this doesn’t mean you can’t set your alarm at night. Though it’s advisable to disarm the route to the loo as well as the room their sleeping in.


6. You’re renovating.

After weeks – months – of staring at the same four walls a lot of people have decided to change them. Whether it’s a lick of paint or moving the furniture around, DIY has helped to pass the lockdown days. Now we’re allowed contractors in our homes, many people have taken the next step into full on renovations. Are you having a new kitchen, new doors or moving a wall? You can use your app based home security system to set and unset the system for contractors, or if they’re going to be given keys you can check they’ve armed the system when they leave site. It’s a good idea to call ahead and organise to have your system disconnected in the areas you’re working rather than risk a false activation. If you’re updating your home it might be the time to update your security – you can find out more about app based home security systems with one of our free quotations.