You call it home: #NSHM2020

This October is National Home Security Month. The theme for #NHSM2020 is “You call it home; We keep it secure.” That couldn’t be more accurate! We’ve been supporters of this campaign for a few years now. It’s a chance for us to share home security tips, facts and innovations with you.

You call it home, we keep it locked

This year’s campaign kicks off with door security tips and tricks. According to Money Supermarket, 74% of burglars walk in through a door. Police often share reminders to lock your door and keep your keys in a safe place.  Our intruder alarms include a handy “chime” which alerts you to anyone opening your door unexpectedly, although it’s a good idea to get into the habit of keeping your front door locked. NHSM have produced a guide to anti snap locks which can be downloaded [HERE].

you call it home we keep it secure

You call it home, we keep it safe

National home security month includes a week on keeping items safe inside your home. Keeping your belongings in a safe place rather than leaving them on show is a simple step to reducing the risk of theft. More than a quarter of UK adults do not take security precautions at home say Coop insurance. Setting your intruder alarm at night and during the day will help to protect your property. CCTV is a flexible home security tool. Security cameras have evolved to provide internal and external surveillance and protect your home. If you’re concerned about vulnerable loved ones, CCTV can be used to provide a reassuring link between homes.

You call it home we keep it monitored

Which? carried out a survey of 100 ex convicts and 71 of them said they were put off by a home having a visual siren – ie an intruder alarm. And they don’t come much more visual than our market leading backlit blue bell boxes. Many customers opt to upgrade to these to give their old alarm system a facelift, and this survey confirms exactly why it’s worth doing.  Keybury are insurance approved and provide police monitored intruder alarm systems, as well as app and keyholder monitored alarms. We’ll come back to this in more detail later this month. CCTV is also a great way to monitor your home and can be combined with  smart alarm system for app monitoring. Read on to find out more about that…

smart security

You call it home, we keep it smart

89% of ex burglars say a connected home would deter thieves. Smart security solutions are here and they make protecting your home easier and more convenient.  App based home security alarms give you real time notifications and allow you to set and unset your system remotely. Around 1/3 of homes in Britain already have a smart alarm fitted, despite it being relatively new technology. We’ve blogged about smart home security before, and we offer free surveys so you can find out how they can protect your home with no fee and no obligation.

You call it home, we keep it protected

It’s no coincidence that national home security month falls in October. As the winter draws in and the clocks go back burglaries spike by more than a third. In fact of the 350,000 home break ins that took place in the year ending March 2020, November 2019 saw the most. NHSM traditionally ends with seasonal security tips and was to highlight your security in these dark winter months. Follow us on social media and look for the #NHSM2020 to find more online.


you call it home